I want Even to not know about Isak seeing Sonja and Even kissing at the party. Or that Emma knows that Isak is gay or at least likes boys. (Probably getting the news from Sonja, who was told by Even.)

For Even to think that Isak still thinks that this behavior between them is all because of the slow down/need to take a break line. For him to not know anything that went down past the text he sent.

And it’s only after Isak tells him, that Even realizes how much deep pain Isak is in over Even’s actions.

How isolated, miserable, confused, and broken Isak has been this whole time. Isak probably feels like a big joke or conquest that Even used as a distraction from his relationship with Sonja. That Even had no intention of ever leaving Sonja and was only pretending with Isak to get what he wanted and then to leave. (Though I doubt that’s true, Even genuinely seemed to be falling for Isak just as much as Isak was falling for Even.)

For Even to open up about what happened, to try and explain to Isak. For them not to be so far apart from each other. It might not fix it between them, but I think it would help if they were honest with each other and on equal footing.


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