can we just appreciate how complex isak and even’s story is?? so many mlm relationships on tv (esp in america) reduce the relationship to sex and violence and masculinity stereotypes as an attempt to be ‘groundbreaking’ or ‘revolutionary’ or whatever – that or they go Full Stereotypical Gay. but skam – they showed us these boys, and they hung out and laughed and flirted and we watched them fall in love – and not only did we see that they were so so soft with each other, but that they could also be rough and sexual without losing any of the former. 

isak and even are so gentle and desperate and sometimes all they want to do is cuddle and sometimes all they want to do is each other, and they have so much chemistry and they fill some stereotypes and don’t fill others because they’re literally people. they’re just people. they treated them so well, so well that the storyline could expand beyond accepting your sexuality and go into mental illness, and still be handled well and not feel rushed or forced.

this clip shows isak and even as people, flawed and impulsive and sometimes stupid, who love each other so damn much and just want each other to be ok. we saw them cuddly and affectionate, we saw them turned on, we saw them upset with each other and hurt by each other and now we get to see this: love. which is something more than just cuddling in a bed or flirting in an elevator. which is also those intimate, gentle moments where you hold each other and whisper you’re not alone. where you say, maybe not in words but nevertheless say, i’ve seen the best of you and i’ve seen the worst of you – i’ve seen you at your most guarded and most vulnerable – i’ve looked at like a stranger and now i look at you like you’re everything – and i am still here, and im going to stay here, and you’re not alone.

its not everyday you get to see that on a teenage tv show with two gay boys, one of whom is mentally ill. and i’m just so, so grateful.


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