ok ok sorry one more little reflection based on our new Even info from yesterday’s clip

so I always thought that Even was grinning like an absolute loon during their first kiss (video included for Reasons) simply because he was having his romeo and juliet moment but it wasn’t!! just!! that!! 

it was because the boy he was pining after for probably months INITIATED this kiss and he literally couldn’t contain how happy he was to have his feelings reciprocated

I mean Even is SO undone here and I always thought he was just blissfully having a good time oH BOY LITTLE DID I KNOW

meanwhile isak – bless his heart – is still in shock over kissing a boy for the first time completely unaware of how Big this moment is to Even and god I love that we now have more context for Even’s feelings at the beginning of their relationship? because moments like this carried so much more weight and meaning in Even’s eyes than we ever truly realized


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